Strategies for online slots

Any gaming fan who has been playing online casino games for a while knows that somebody has to win those tantalizing jackpots. True, somebody does. You can read reports on the casino news websites about Player X winning several million dollars here, and Player Y reaping a payout of millions of pounds sterling there. But it’s not easy. Online slot machines have a well deserved reputation for paying out the highest sums of any type of online casino game, the prizes that turn ordinary players into instant millionaires. Usually online slots have a payout rate of 92 percent or better, meaning the percentage of the game’s take that is returned to players in the form of payouts. However, the bulk of that percentage goes toward those fabulous jackpots, which are won by only a small number of individuals.

Strategies vs. Guarantees

So are there tested strategies for playing online slot machine games? Yes indeed. Are there guarantees that you will walk off with a jackpot? Sorry, but no. What you can do is plan your gaming in advance and make up your mind to stick to the plan, even in the heat of an exciting game. That way you will be controlling your gaming, rather than it controlling you.  Remember that the house will always have an edge, no matter how slim it may be – that’s how the online casinos stay in business, after all.

Plan Ahead

It is worth repeating: plan ahead as to how you will manage your gaming. Players of online slots tend to be action seekers, often impulsively going for the most exciting option. In advance, set aside a certain entertainment budget to cover your online play. Select whether you wish to focus only on trying for the top jackpots, which means higher wagers, lower odds and less playing time. Or, you can choose to wager smaller amounts and enjoy playing longer, although you will be limiting your chances to more modest prizes. This may sound strange, but it’s also worthwhile to limit your payout goal. That way, if you find yourself in the enviable position of being on a “winning streak,” you will have the motivation to stop while you are ahead, before the winning streak turns to a losing spiral.

Know your Game

Do everything you can to learn about the game you choose. Practice playing online slots in the free versions that are available, and even once you move up to playing with real money, start small. Read all the instructions and ask for clarification if necessary. Customer support and online slots gaming forums are great sources of help. Clarify the number and values of coins you need to wager, as well as the number of lines you need to bet on to be eligible for the jackpot. That way, if Lady Luck should happen to give you the winning combination, you’ll have what it takes to reel in your dream payout.

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