Strategies for online slots

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Any gaming fan who has been playing online casino games for a while knows that somebody has to win those tantalizing jackpots. True, somebody does. You can read reports on the casino news websites about Player X winning several million dollars here, and Player Y reaping a payout of millions of pounds sterling there. But it’s not easy. Online slot machines have a well deserved reputation for paying out the highest sums of any type of online casino game, the prizes that turn ordinary players into instant millionaires. Usually online slots have a payout rate of 92 percent or better, meaning the percentage of the game’s take that is returned to players in the form of payouts. However, the bulk of that percentage goes toward those fabulous jackpots, which are won by only a small number of individuals. (more…)

How No Deposit Casino Bonuses Help Boost Your Bankroll

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No deposit bonuses are the best things that have happened in the online casino industry. Of course, the wide array of games on offer, superb interfaces, cool features, and all that do matter a whole lot, but nothing usually matters more than money, especially when you are getting it for free. You are not only getting it for free save for the terms and conditions attached, you are also allowed to keep whatever you make out of that money, and that is saying a lot.

Today, no deposit bonuses are also available at mobile casinos, which makes the entire playing experience more fun and entertaining. You can play whenever you want, wherever you want, literally, and when you are at the casino for the first time you are also getting some free money to ease you into the experience of playing casino games. (more…)

New Ariana Under The Sea Slot

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Players should keep an eye out for the newly launched sea-inspired Ariana online slot in the lobby of Microgaming casinos where adventure and big rewards await you.

This is a brand new online slot from Microgaming that features a beautiful fictional mermaid princess Ariana who is swimming the depths of the deep blue sea ocean to interact with colourful sea creatures and discover hidden underwater treasure.

As a Microgaming slot, you can expect to find beautiful graphics, animations and sound effects to enhance the player’s game play. And the good news is that this new video slot has been made available on download, instant play and mobile platforms simultaneously to keep everyone happy. (more…)

Tips When Using Paypal at Online Casinos

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If you are looking for a way to fund your online casino account, Paypal may be the way to go. You simply need to open a Paypal account and fund it and you will be ready to transfer funds to your online casino account to begin playing. Paypal and casinos go well together as long as you understand how they work. Take into consideration some of the tips provided here to help your transactions work more smoothly. (more…)

Playtech’s Best Recent Releases

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If you are one of the early adopters who have gotten his hands (or hand rather) on an Apple Watch, then you already know you can answer or reject calls with a flick of the wrist, get in shape, buy stuff and take pictures, but did you know you can also place bets and instantly cash out your winnings?

With the release of Apple’s new wearable gadget, the Apple Watch, some 3000 new apps were developed and amongst them, Playtech/Coral’s new sports betting app, an app that promises users to have a seamless, one account and one wallet across a whole suite of gambling products (list of Playtech sites). (more…)